Back from the dead, again!

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lets try this again, shall we?

A few months back, I got some news at work that made me more then a little crazy. Nothing is promised, but you go through things one day at a time hoping to make it out alive. 
This news wasn’t anything life or death. Simply that things were getting slow, and as such we would have to lay a few people off. Things did not turn around. A month later, a few more people were laid off. A month after that, some salaried positions were eliminated. 
Things were not, as they say, looking up. I freaked out. I applied for jobs left and right. I had made it through three rounds of layoffs, my sanity only mildly intact. During that time, two things happened. Kaleigh and I found out that we were going to be having a baby, which was wonderful news. It was also not helping my sanity levels. 
I have so far spent six months dealing with the “heartache” of seeing people I cared about lose a chunk of their livelihood. Some days at work I am simply a husk of a person, going through the motions and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Sometimes there are better days. We’ve recently hired back one of those employees. Things have begun to pick up, much like a car will pick up after an oil change. 
The other thing that happened, was a part time job. For the next few years I can imagine that’s something I do. Full time and part time, especially with the baby on the way. I work at a liquor store. It keeps me sane. I genuinely like people (most days, but retail life has reminded me that people also suck). It has given me some extra spending money, and kept Kaleigh and I more or less above the red zone financially. As work picks up for both of us, I think to myself maybe we will make it. By prayer and petition and sweat and blood and tears, maybe we will. 
Is this what this adult stuff is like? I think no one goes in knowing just what they’ll get out of it. I am lucky and say I am blessed (truly) to be going through this with my Kaleigh, my best friend and truly my other half. Each day above ground is another glorious day, somehow, someway, and I try to stay thankful. 
Three years with 3M. Here’s hoping there are a few more left, and if not by know I hope I find something better. Life is what you make of it and I still believe you get back out what you put in. 

In the meantime, keep plugging away, and my plans have changed a bit. Back to school somehow, and while I’m doing that, learn a bit of programming. 


Short and sweet

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Time for rambling! Don’t mind the¬†incoherence, its been a long¬†September.

There are times when I wish you could see inside my head, and there are times I wish I could read your mind.

Love is a funny thing. It makes you say and do things that you never thought you could before.

I’m lucky I’m in love, but man is it tough sometimes.

Life is beautiful. I’m still trying to live each day to its fullest potential. Sometimes I do well at this. Other times I fail.

Apologizing is an art. As art is beautiful in the eyes of some of those who see it, and everyone sees art differently, sometimes apologies need to be different to reach them.

I find I keep reaching for purpose in my life, and its farther and farther away the nearer I get to figuring it out.

I wish it were May already.

oh. and to finish this rant off, asjkahuilrtheriuhygaswbwjkbtilwygfqiulhwjlfhalgyffw!

I feel better now.

Still kickin’

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Howdy howdy. Been busy being alive lately, so I haven’t had a chance to post anything.


Kaleigh and I have our engagement pictures. Our buddy Ben did them, and did a phenomenal job. We love them! We can now go on to the next level of our engagement. Its like our lives have become one crazy little RPG, and we (the protagonist) have to achieve certain things before we can progress down the story line. Not really, but I am a silly little kid so I’ll continue to think like that, (Cue final fantasy battle win theme song).

Anyway, so that was awesome. We’re now looking at save the dates, so if you are one of my family members or close friends, expect one of those in the next couple months. If you’re neither of those things, expect nothing!

Recently, we had a string of natural disasters occur up in Jersey. Pretty crazy weather, with an earthquake and Hurricane Irene over the weekend. The quake freaked me and a few of the other people in the office out, with all of us thinking we had some crazy vertigo going on. Irene sucked. The amount of rain that got dumped on the area over the weekend is ridiculous, and I have two or three friends that cant get back to their homes three days later due to the flooding. So sad for them, and hoping and praying that the waters recede and not too much damage is done to their homes. Power is out all over the place, but slowly coming back on bit by bit, and a few major highways were washed out, leaving me concerned as to how I’ll be making it to class tomorrow. No worries though, all will work out I’m sure.

The real treat that Irene left us happened in the form of a few tree branches next to our house. We’ve got some fairly big old trees surrounding the house on both sides, and as luck would have it a fairly large branch fell off one of them and against the house on Sunday. No big deal we thought, we’ll cut it up and get rid of it. Well, yesterday afternoon, we found the REALLY big branch that we think knocked the other one down. So 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, here is my dad and I standing on top of the roof. I’ve got a rope wrapped around a branch, and he has an extendable saw (picture a spear with a saw blade at the end that’s curved so you can cut things with it. Oh yeah, it’s cool) that he is taking branches off of this big honking piece of tree with. Suddenly, the branch supporting the big one snaps, and he decides its time for us to shove and hope for the best.

Oh. My. God. He’s crazy, and I suppose I am just as crazy for going along with his schemes.

I let go of that rope and booked it down 25 feet of ladder as fast as I could. Extension ladders are srs bzns, you know. About three quarters of the way down the ladder, I hear (in slow motion) “Oh, shit!”, followed by a resounding crash. By now I’m racing around the deck to survey the damage and hoping that he didn’t just spear our dining room with a tree. Long story short, no one was hurt, except for the gutter next to the dining room that got crushed. Tree landed between our house and our neighbors, and I commenced sawing it apart. However, that whole shove and run idea? Plain ridiculousness.

So this one right here is dedicated to the crazy guy that somehow manages to make home maintenance an adrenalin rush. Thanks dad.